Monday, October 20, 2014

Signup for helping at varsity tournament / Cabrillo departure

Desk Sign-Up for Varsity Tournament - Friday and Saturday, October 24 & 25


Confirming that departure for Cabrillo is 4:00 Tuesday.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Team photos Thursday / Departure Tuesday / Hosting tournaments next two weekends

Individual and team photos will be taken this coming Thursday, October 23rd during the first part of each practice. Be sure to wear your team speedo that day. Ken Doo our team photographer will be taking the pictures. All proceeds from the pictures other than costs goes back to the team. Also, reminder that game photos are available for viewing and purchase at The order form will be emailed separately. Please fill out the form and bring it along with your payment check on Thursday.


Varsity and JV will be leaving for Cabrillo probably at 4;00 on Tuesday. Stay tuned for a final confirmation.


Our varsity and JV/frosh invitational tournaments will be help the next two weekends. We raise the significant portion of our team funds at these tournaments. Each will have a snack bar and we will need to man the desk for 14 games for each tournament. Joiners signups will be out soon. Please help make the tournaments a success by volunteering to help wherever you can. We have a reputation of putting on a premier event. The varsity tournament will have 4 games Friday evening and 10 games on Saturday. The JV/frosh tournament will have 9 games Friday afternoon and 5 Saturday morning so we can be done before the football game.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Frosh Change to practice 1:30

We had forgotten that today is a minimum day at school.  We had originally scheduled the frosh to have practice at 3:15, but we are moving it to 1:30pm today.  Sorry for the late notice.

JV practice Friday / Frosh game next Tuesday

As school get out early, JV will have a shoot around at 1:30pm tomorrow afternoon. If enough players show we will practice with the forth as well and hopefully scrimmage with either frosh or girls if they have practice.

Coach Hertlein


Aptos has confirmed that they will have a frosh team for next Tuesdays 4:00 game.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Frosh practice Friday 3:15

There will be a freshman practice Friday at 3:15

Varsity Food Signup,Departure time

Food & Drink Varsity Aptos Tournament Request Sign-Up

Departure time for Aptos on Friday afternoon will be 3:30 from the main parking lot

Monday, October 6, 2014

Game order on Tuesday

At the head coaches agreement JV game is at 4:00 and varsity at 5:00 even though that is not what the CHS website says. Athletic department has been advised.