Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Carmel Invite Tournament Schedule / Thursday frosh game

2014 Carmel Padre JV Season Opener
Sept. 5 & 6,2014
Hwy. 1 & Ocean Ave., Carmel CA 93921

Friday:              Game 1            4:00 p.m.          CHS Fr vs  Monterey
Game 2            4:55p.m.           CHS JV vs Leland
Game 3            5:50p.m            CHS JV vs York
Game 4            6:45 p.m.          Salinas vs Leland

Saturday:          Game 5            8:00a.m.           CHS Fr vs Willow Glen           
Game 6            8:55a.m.          CHS JV vs Junipero Serra
Game 7            9:50a.m.           Monterey vs Valley Christian
Game 8           10:45a.m.          York vs Willow Glen
Game 9           11:40a.m.          Salinas vs Junipero Serra
Game 10          12:35p.m.        Valley Christian vs Leland
Game 11            1:30p.m.         Monterey vs York
Game 12            2:25p.m.         Salinas vs  Willow Glen
Game 13            3:20p.m.         CHS Fr vs Junipero Serra
Game 14            4:15p.m.        CHS JV vs Valley Christian


Santa Cruz has reported that they don't have enough boys for a freshman team so the Thursday 4:00 game will be a freshman intersquad scrimmage.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Spirit Packs / Scrimmage / CHS Tournament / Wilcox Tournament

The first round of Spirit Packs have arrived!!  The first shipment of suits, t-shirts and fleece have arrived and will be distributed at the beginning of practice on Tuesday, 9/2.  Please arrive at the pool right after school to pick up your items.  If spirit packs have not been paid for, they will not be given out to the player.  If you have not paid yet, go online to the CHS website and click on the “Visit our WebStore” link to pay for the Boys WP Spirit Pack by noon on Tuesday.  Or, bring a check for $40 made out to “CHS ASB” to the pool on Tuesday. 

Some boys’ spirit packs are being filled out of a second order which has not yet arrived.  The later a player joined the roster, or the more unusual a player’s size request, the more likely it is their order will be filled in the second shipment.  Items in the second shipment will be distributed as soon as they arrive.


A big thank you to Chris Kelly for coordinating the snack bar at the scrimmage this weekend and all the parents who helped man it. Thank you also to Kira Whitaker for coordinating the scoring desk training.  There were about 20 pieces of clothing and towels and a team parka left at the pool. They are in a basket on the bleachers. We are also missing a rather new red tennis shoe that may have gotten into someone else's bag. If you find it please return to Jack Ellison.

Related to this a reminder of an issue discussed when we talked about pool rules. We encourage you to change in the equipment room (or locker room) BUT your clothes needs to be taken out of the room and stored on the bleachers. After a game or tournament or even practice there is equipment that needs to go back into the room and person clothing gets in the way. Also no food or water in the room. CUSD rule.

Masters has asked us to not hook the pool covers together. If they are and the wind gets under them it complicates the job of trying to straighten them out and get them on the cover reels.


As you know next weekend is our first tournament which we host. There will be a snack bar and Joiners signup will be posted Tuesday. We also have to keep the official book for 12 games and team stats for 7 games. Joiners will be posted Tuesday for this also. We would encourage freshman parents and other upper class parents who have't done it yet and who have the flexibility to be at games to sign up to get trained by looking over shoulders. It is not that difficult once you get the hang of it but you do need to be the type that can be concentrating on the game since action comes fast and furious at times. As I mentioned at the parents meeting, it is the best seat at the pool for observing the games and learning to understand the game and it is a lot of fun.


For the varsity team going to Wilcox  (announced Tuesday) there will be some administrative issues this week. Tuesday we will send home a parent Consent and Medical Authorization form that must be returned by Thursday. The player contribution for the overnight motel will be $30 which needs to be paid to the ASB secretary by Thursday also. More details to follow.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Pool laneline hooks

As mentioned when I talked to all polo players about a week ago about pool etiquette we have enough laneline hooks that you should not need to steal from one place to get the ones you need for your current setup. We waste a lot of practice time doing this. If for some reason we need more, there are extra hooks in the gray bucket in the equipment room. Earlier in the week I put in the 12 hooks for setting up the competition pool. The next day three of them were gone, two of which had been taken out on purpose and thrown in the pool gutter where it is very difficult to find and retrieve them. Wednesday I put in 8 new hooks (one end is circle vice S and and covered in black plastic) we purchased for anchoring the goals and by practice yesterday one of those was nowhere to be found. I have informed Masters and the PE swim teachers, the other users of the pool, of this issue and they have agreed to help solve this problem. Not sure which crowd is causing this problem but let's not have it be the polo players. If there isn't a hook where you need one, get Coach Langland's attention.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Volunteer Signup / Watsonville Frosh Tournament / Photographer / Varsity Wilcox tournament

We are making progress on getting the  Joiners list filled. The link is:
http://www.jooners.com/guest?l=9aa3cdf4-5e06-4fad-a500-8ec134d045f7  Please take a look and see what you can help with.
The frosh Watsonville Tournament is on 12/13 September. There will be two games on Friday and two on Saturday. Frosh play York at 4:50 and San Lorenzo Valley at 8:10 on Friday. Games on Saturday start at 10:00 and end at about 3:00. Opponents depend upon the outcome from Friday.
Address for Watsonville High is 250 E Beach ST, Watsonville, There is a gate fee for spectators ($5 adults, $3 seniors and students, $2 childern over 6). There will be a concession stand for food.
Since travel is about 40 minutes to Watsonville the team should be able to leave after school on Friday. Saturday departure will depend on Friday results. Transportation details to follow. Very unusual but since Watsonville doesn't have polo teams any more we will need to provide a scorebook and score keeper for the 8:10 SLV game. Reason for some freshman parents step up to learn how to score. More next week.
Dan Hopkins has volunteered to help Ken Doo with the photography work. Thanks Dan.
The schedule next Friday implies a departure at about 1:00. Let your teachers know. This will be refined next week. On Monday parent permission forms will be sent home and each player's room fee which must be paid to the ASB office will be announced.
2014 Wilcox Chargers Great Eight Varsity Water Polo Tournament
GM-11 Santa Clara
Sept. 6 @ 1:00pm Sept. 5 @ 2:00pm
GM-14 GM-5 GM-7
Los Gatos
Sept. 5 @ 6:00pm Sept. 6 @ 9:00am
Carmel GM12
Sept. 5 @ 3:00pm
Carlmont Sept. 6 @ 2:00pm
Sept. 6 @ 4:00pm
3rd Wilcox 1st
GM-3 2nd
Sept. 5 @ 4:00pm
4th GM-6 GM-8
Sept. 6 @ 8:00am Sept. 6 @ 10:00am
Merrill West
GM-10 GM-4
Sept. 5 @ 5:00pm
Sept. 6 @ 12:00pm
Participating Schools:
1 Carlmont
2 Carmel
3 Heritage
4 Los Gatos
GM-13 GM-9 5 Merriil F. West
Sept. 6 @ 3:00pm Sept. 6 @ 11:00am 6 Palma
5th Consolation  7 Santa Clara
Championship 8 Wilcox 
GM-1 Team A vs. Team B Friday 2:00pm
GM-2 Team C vs. Team D Friday 3:00pm
GM-3 Team E vs. Team F Friday 4:00pm
GM-4 Team G vs. Team H Friday 5:00pm
GM-5 Loser GM-1 vs. Loser GM-2 Friday 6:00pm
GM-6 Loser GM-3 vs. Loser GM-4 Saturday 8:00am
GM-7 Winner GM-1 vs. Winner GM-2 Saturday 9:00am
GM-8 Winner GM-3 vs. Winner GM-4 Saturday 10:00am
GM-9 Loser GM-5 vs. Loser GM-6 Saturday 11:00am Consolation Championship
GM-10 Winner GM-6 vs. Loser GM-7 Saturday 12:00pm
GM-11 Winner GM-5 vs. Loser GM-8 Saturday 1:00pm
GM-12 Winner GM-7 vs. Winner GM-8 Saturday 2:00pm Championship - 1st & 2nd
GM-13 Loser GM-11 vs. Loser GM-10 Saturday 3:00pm 5th & 6th
GM-14 Winner GM-11 vs. Winner GM-10 Saturday 4:00pm 3rd & 4th

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Late bus schedule / Office hours / Scrimmage / Volunteer signup

This will work when we have early practice


We are happy to inform our Big Sur and Cachagua families that there is now a late bus following their team practice or after school activity, departing from C.H.S. and C.M.S. We hope this gives more students the opportunity to participate in sports and after school activities. Bus schedule links below.

2014 – 2015

5:30pm  Leave CHS
5:40pm  Leave CMS
5:50pm  Carmel Highlands Gas Station
6:05pm  Palo Colardo Cyn. Rd. & Highway 1 (city transit stop)
6:30pm  River Inn       
6:33pm  Ripplewood
6:36pm  Fernwood
6:40pm  Big Sur State Park
6:42pm  Cal Trans.
6:44pm  Big Sur Post Office / Deli
6:48pm  Post Ranch
6:55pm  Nepenthe  (turn around)
7:00pm  Ventenna

2014 – 2015

5:30pm  Leave CHS
5:40pm  Leave CMS
5:50pm  Dorris & Center Sts.
6:00pm  Pilot Rd.
6:10pm  Wilson / Douglas Ranch
6:30pm  Tassajarra Rd. & C.V. Rd.
6:33pm  Tassajarra Rd. & Cachagua Rd.
6:41pm  Feather Bow
6:43pm  Trampa Canyon
6:47pm  Heller Gate
6:52pm  Cachagua Rd. & Nason Rd.  (turn around)
6:55pm  Ringer’s General Store


Tomorrow morning is the first office hours class for varsity. Attendance will be take so be sure to show up. Website appears to say that they start at 7:45. Our team is assigned to Mrs. Marden's room 26.

We look forward to hosting Valley Christian on Saturday and seeing everyone on the pool deck for some great water polo scrimmages!  Give us some extra helping hands on Saturday if you can by arriving early or staying late at the pool to assist where needed.   

Our snack bar could use a few extra parents to serve lunch!  Please stop by if you can help Chris Kelly from about 11-1PM. Score desk volunteers - come by the score desk to refresh your knowledge or talk to Kira or Lori if you are new and would like to learn how to score water polo!  

We have received numerous donations to the $45 per family Food Fund Donation - thank you to all the families that have donated. If you have not donated yet, and would like to, please give a check to your team parent or Lori Luch at the scrimmage  (check made to CHS/ASB). 

See everyone on Saturday for 8:00AM warmups.  Go Padres!

Lori reports that we have less than half of the volunteer slots on the Joiners list filled. The link is:
http://www.jooners.com/guest?l=9aa3cdf4-5e06-4fad-a500-8ec134d045f7  Please take a look and see what you can help with.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Joiners signup

Lori reports that we have less than half of the volunteer slots on the Joiners list filled. The link is:
http://www.jooners.com/guest?l=9aa3cdf4-5e06-4fad-a500-8ec134d045f7  Please take a look and see what you can help with. Soon we will be posting the signup list for the desk at the tournament.

Tentative scrimmage schedule / Drivers packets

8-8:30 warmup
8:30 - 9:00 - Frosh
9:30 - 10:00 - JV
10-10:45 - Var
*above games just straight up standard play

10:45-11:15 - Frosh (Last 15 mins going each possession 5 - 6x5 tries)
11:15 - noon - JV (Last 20 mins going each possession 5 - 6x5 tries)
noon - 1pm - Var (Last 30 mins going each possession 5- 6x5 tries)

1pm-2pm - Belly Flop and 5 Lives comp


AUG 29th GOAL:  Driver Packets into Athletic Office!!

Reminder to all parents that we need to get as many drivers approved as possible!  

We have several weekend tournaments coming up which require transportation of over 20 players (in each of our frosh and JV teams) so we will need 5-6 cars/drivers approved and ready to go!

First tournament is Sept 12/13th for Freshmen!

A driving sign up sheet will be posted after labor day for all approved drivers.
Thank you for you help!

The links to the forms:

Volunteer Driver Application:

Car Safety Checklist you will need to take to any gas station:  It will cost $12 at Lemos 76 by savemart in Carmel:

You will also need to print out your driving record at the DMV website for $2 (done online):

Please bring the completed forms to the Athletics Secretary in the CHS office.  Once she processes these forms you will be added as a driver.  Sorry for the hassle!
Questions contact Denise Klein at deniseklein1@comcast.net