Sunday, May 10, 2015


Important Reminder to all parents and kids:




Friday, May 8, 2015

Summer is here...The SEASON is approaching very fast

The summer is here.  The high school season begins in less than 3 months.  What are your plans for the summer?  I am sure hoping it involves playing for Legacy and swimming.  See below how to get plugged in at Legacy for the summer and Junior Olympics.  We are building our Junior Olympic teams as we speak.  Get on the list if you want to try to make those squads and get some REALLY great experience.  We will be merging with Otter Bay for the summer to combine forces for JO's which will be awesome.  See bottom of this post for info and what you need to do to get involved for JO's.  Don't miss this opportunity.

Legacy Pre-Session starts May 18.  Sign up here

Summer presents itself with tons of opportunities.  Vacation with family, summer job, playing other sports.  It's tough to fit it all in.  I will say that however that it is important to fit water polo into the picture as much as possible.  It has gotten more and more competitive in our program.  It is important to put in work in the offseason to be in shape, sharpen your game and to improve before the high school season begins.

If you truly want to get really good at this game, please pay attention to this...You can gain almost an entire "season's" worth of experience in one summer.   If you commit and attend Legacy practices, conditioning workouts and tournaments during the summer it is equivalent to a high school season.  If you are going to be a junior next year, wouldn't it be incredible if you came into the season with a senior level of experience????  That's what can happen if you put the work in.

Remember, not much about this game is easy, but that's what makes it fun :)

Coach Gaily

Legacy Water Polo is ready to rock for the upcoming USA Water Polo Junior Olympic Tournament.  As a proud parent of a JO participant, I can confirm that this is a great time. The tournaments are well-run, well-refereed and the play is fantastic. I urge parents to go all-in and try and make every game.

All Legacy needs in order to have the best JO experience ever is committed, excited players.  

We want you!!!


In order to play with us in this amazing event:
  1. Visit, and click on the Junior Olympics tab 
  2. Follow the instructions to register
  3. Email me at: to let me know you want to participate
  4. I am going to be the main logistics coordinator for the JO run. (Carl will be running the teams and the practices, but there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff that needs to be done).

*** Time is of the essence, so we need players signed up ASAP ***
I would like a full roster of committed kids by May 11th!

3 Qualification Weekends in June (East Bay/South Bay Area):
  • 16 U Boys & 16U Girls:  6/12 - 6/14
  • 14U Boys, 18U Boys & 18U Girls:  6/19-6/21
  • 14,16,18 U Boys and 16U & 18U Girls:  6/26-6/28
Finals in Orange County:
  • Boys:  7/25 - 7/28
  • Girls:  7/30 - 8/2 

Thank you and if you have any questions about JOs, please email:

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Hello All High School Water Polo Athletes and Parents,

Legacy Water Polo has FOUR remaining high school Saturday practices this spring session. And we would like to invite ALLhigh school athletes that have a current USA WP membership to join us for a fun Saturday morning or early afternoon scrimmage!

The remaining practices will be held THIS Saturday, March 28th from 1pm to 3pm at MPC.  The following three will be held from 11am to 1pm at the MPC pool on the dates of April 11th, April 25th, and May 16th, as noted on the Legacy Website Calendar


1) A CURRENT USA Water Polo Athlete Membership
2) A release of liability and insurance waiver for Legacy Water Polo.
      * If you have participated in a Legacy session in the last 2 years, these should be on file. 
       * If you have never participated in a Legacy practice, all you need to do is complete the One Time Player registration form.
       * There will also be a few copies that can be filled out on deck, but we prefer to save trees where possible. 

We look forward to seeing all you on deck, and feel free to bring any friends, as long as they fit the above criteria! 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Hardwork, practice = Success (it's that simple!!)


If you want to improve at anything in life it comes through hard work, practice and preparation.  Think about it, you don't get good at something by default.  You have to put in the work to improve.
By now many of you are finishing your winter sport or starting your spring sport.  Of course the coaching staff encourages all polo players to join the CHS swim team, but we understand if you desire to play another sport.  Either way, you now have the opportunity to still keep your polo skills sharp and improve your conditioning even if you are playing baseball, lacrosse, tennis, etc.  If you are not playing a spring sport, you have no excuse :)

Legacy's Spring session is due to start on Monday.  We worked very hard to get Legacy back in the CHS pool so it will be closer to most and save time.  Take advantage of the few practices a week.

Sign up for Legacy, Swim Conditioning or both asap at

Do your best to be your best.

Coach Gaily

Sunday, February 1, 2015

More about Jack Jack

If you listen to NPR KAZU 90.3 as I do you might have heard the piece about Jack Jack that was broadcast this week. It is about the entire Maughan family and their involvement with the ocean. You can listen to the piece at The story is copied below:

Carmel Teens Advance in Ocean Health XPrize Competition

Jack Maughan (left) and Ethan Kurteff (right) with their pH sensor and the XPrize validation team.
Jack Maughan (left) and Ethan Kurteff (right) with their pH sensor and the XPrize validation team.
Credit Lisa Walder
Team pHFine Scale (from left to right): Jack Maughan (17),  Lisa Walder (Project Manager), Benek Robertson (16), Bridgett Maughan (14), Caroline Maughan (18) and Ethan Kurteff (16)
Team pHFine Scale (from left to right): Jack Maughan (17), Lisa Walder (Project Manager), Benek Robertson (16), Bridgett Maughan (14), Caroline Maughan (18) and Ethan Kurteff (16)
Credit Krista Almanzan
When Jack Maughan first told his friends Ethan Kurteff and Benek Robertson about the Wendy Schmitt Ocean Health XPrize, they had kind of a typical teen reaction.  “Jack walks up to us and is like, 'we can win $750,000' and that excited me,” says Ethan Kurteff with a laugh.
This XPrize competition aims to help solve ocean acidification, which happens when the ocean absorbs carbon dioxide, and the seawater’s pH level drops. 
There are two $1-million prizes ($750,000 for first place, $250,000 for second place). So one prize is for the team that makes the most accurate ocean pH sensor, and one for the team that makes the most affordable.
It’s enough money to light up most people’s eyes, but what’s not typical about these teens is when they heard about the competition, they decided to enter.  Benek Robertson says building an ocean pH sensor was a culmination of all the things they are learning at Carmel High.
“We’re all members of the robotics team. Ethan and Jack are in AP chem students.  They’re learning a lot about pH. I’m also learning a lot in honors chemistry about that. It’s really great to see real life applications for the things we are working really hard   on in school every day,” says Robertson
So they teamed up with Jack Maughan’s sisters, Bridgett and Caroline, and formedTeam pHFine Scale.
“It was definitely running to my mentors in my life because I had no idea how to begin. So, I talked to my science teachers, I talked to my robotics instructor. My Dad was a big time mentor in starting the process,” says Caroline Maughan, now a student at the University of Montana.
For the Maughans it became a bit of a family affair.  Their dad is a software engineer at MBARI, The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.  He helped with the brainstorming and their mom, Lisa Walder, became the team’s project manager. 
She handles logistics, like lining up insurance and signing competitor agreements.  “With the XPrize, there’s so many details that need to be ironed out before you can truly make the competition,” says Walder. 
The end result: out of 77 teams, Team pHFine Scale was one of 18 to make it to the three month lab trials at MBARI in Moss Landing.   There their sensor performed well enough in a controlled environment that they’re moving on to the next phase where it will be tested in the ocean off the coast of Seattle. 
“I feel very confident.  Looking at our data sets, I feel like our pH sensor is rock solid and we’ll do very well,” says Jack Maughan.
They’re competing in the affordability category against teams from around the world.
“It’s still daunting when we go up there, and there’s these people who have been working at it for 40 years, and they have a bunch of research money.  And we go up and present right after them, and we’re, ‘uh, we scrounged up some money over the summer and we’re in high school’,” says Kurteff.
One of those teams comes from their own backyard.  MBARI Senior Scientist Ken Johnson is on Team DuraFET which has three sensors in the competition.
“It’s a little bit weird in the sense here we are professional sensor developers and the high school kids are coming along and keeping right up with us,” says Johnson.
While they’re competitors, Johnson says they’re supportive of the teens on Team pHFine Scale. “It’s just cool that these high school students are building sensors and it’s sort of like we are looking at the future in real time,” says Johnson.
And the teens say being in this competition has them thinking about future generations and protecting the ocean for them. 
“Well of course it started with the money because we’re young, money is awesome, but it kind of over time, turned into something a bit bigger because we’ve all grown up in the ocean, including my Mom.  So our hearts are very close to the ocean,” says Bridgett Maughan, the youngest member of the team at 14 and a student at Big Sur Charter School.
While winning money may no longer be the motivation, the teens do in fact need money to stay in the competition.  They’ve had to pay fees, buy parts and now need to get their team to Seattle.   You can find their online fundraising campaign here.

Very cool story...Must read...Cheering on Jack "Jack" Maughan!

It is always amazing to me the different talents so many of our boys possess.  Many of our boys play other sports and are quite good.  Many surf.  A bunch play musical instruments and we've had a significant number of Eagle Scouts.

This story about one of our varsity players, Jack "Jack" Maughan is especially unique.  Jack is competing in the Ocean Health XPrize competition for a prize of 750k against professional engineers, college students and innovators in the field.  Read here:

Jack is affectionately called "Jack Jack" so that we don't confuse him with Jack Ellison who is also on the team.  Coach Carl tells the story that one day in practice the boys were confused which Jack he was referring too when speaking to the team and Carl replied, "I'm not not talking to Jack (as he pointed to Jack Ellison) I'm talking to Jack Jack"  The nickname stuck.  Jack Jack is one of those young men that is beastly in his appearance, meaning he's big.  He plays a lot of two meter defense against the opposing team hole set.  Most impressive is Jack's intelligence and demeanor.  He is a true pleasure to coach.

Jack came to us this year and explained to us coaches that he was very committed to this project.  We were so impressed and of course let him miss a few practices to complete his project for the competition.  We're all pulling for him to win.

Let's all cheer on Jack Jack!!

Coach Gaily

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Legacy Update


Legacy announces a new Program Manager and   
a new Board of Directors
Legacy welcomes, this month, Kelley Lefmann as our new Program Manager!  Kelley joins Legacy with a fabulous background on nonprofit boards, expertise with marketing, PR, fundraising, event planning, and membership outreach/communication. Kelley has experience with website development and email campaigns, building and managing social media platforms and on-line calendars. She is comfortable communicating with new and existing member families, executive sponsors and community media contacts. 

Wow! Legacy couldn't be luckier to have found such a perfect match!

Kelly also has a 5 year old son, Luca, who is in his first year of Splashball and doesn't want to do anything else!  Welcome Kelley and Luca!
Kelly says that she is interested in helping to keep Legacy Water Polo going, "because of its outstanding reputation in our community. Everyone I've ever encountered who's been affiliated with the program has had only glowing things to say - and my own brief experience reflects nothing less. I am counting on this club to be an extension of my family, as I try to raise a well-rounded, strong and water-loving boy on my own. The camaraderie and the athletic opportunities are sure to set any child up well for a successful future."  Thanks and well said Kelley!

I'd also like to introduce our new Legacy Board of Directors.  Some have already served for a year or more and some have just been inducted this month.  In addition, we have added the position of Student Member of the Board, and this position has been filled by our long-term Splashball Head Coach, Collette White.

Legacy Chief Executive Officer, Aaron Gaily, 
Legacy Board President, Ken Doo,
Legacy Vice President, Graham Evans,
Legacy Secretary, Tim Auger, 
Legacy Treasurer, Kathryn Loomis,
Legacy Board Member, Carl Hertlein,
Legacy Board Member, Collette White,

We have included the contact information of these Board members so that if the situation presents itself, you will know who to contact.  However, please remember that these members are volunteers and have families and other primary jobs.  Please initiate all of your communications through Legacy at, Kelly Lefmann, and Head Coach Carl Hertlein. 

Please welcome Kelley and our new board and continue to do everything that you can to support Kelley and Carl!
And, have fun, great expectations, and wonderful experiences with LEGACY WATER POLO!!

Thank you.

Legacy would like to thank and and offer our sincerest gratitude to Jim Fannin for his long-term commitment to this amazing water polo club.  Jim was a founding member of the Legacy Water Polo Club some 12 years ago.  However, over the last 5 years he has really stepped up his involvement and been a true supporter on so many levels. Many of the club's membership may not even be aware of Jim's involvement because he never wanted credit and primarily served quietly in the background.  

Jim has served on the Legacy Board of Directors for 5 years, much of that time as President, he also served as Head Coach for 3 years and has mentored most of our younger and newer coaches. But most importantly, for almost the entire time that I have been working for Legacy, Jim has supported the club and and helped any way that he could. When I was new and didn't know how to interpret a tournament schedule (looked like a strange bunch of letters and numbers on an excel spreadsheet!!), Jim taught me. When we needed a coach at the last minute due to a shortage on deck, Jim was there. When I needed a sounding board during difficult issues or circumstances, Jim was always available and supportive.

Jim says that he is not going anywhere, he won't be a stranger to Legacy, and that he will continue to coach when time permits. But it is time for him to step down from his heavy involvement in managing the club.

Thanks Jim, we couldn't have done it without you!


It is definitely with mixed emotions that I am moving on and leaving my position as Legacy's Program Manager.  Maybe that is why it took so long for me to actually hire somebody new and find a new opportunity.  I truly love this club,  I have had the most amazing experiences and learning opportunities as I have participated in the growth of not only Legacy Water Polo but the Masters water polo program that now operates as Otter Bay.  Legacy was a casually run, informal organization with no web presence 5 1/2 years ago, and membership was relatively small with no Masters or Splashball programs.  Besides the amazing and supportive families that I have had the pleasure to work with over the course of my employment, one of the things that I have enjoyed the most is introducing the youngest kids, 5-12, to water polo.  It is because of the joy I see in these young kids (as they improve their swimming, participate in a team sport, and learning to pass and shoot a ball in the water) and the enthusiasm of their parents that I have found a new job, expanding on this passion, that will hopefully lead to growing water polo all over North America  - from Splashball ages to college and eventually professional teams.

I will be available through Kelley or and will remain on the board for a few months, always happy to hear from Monterey water polo enthusiasts!

And, remember to put on your calendar the next DIV I Men's Tournament in Monterey, August 8 & 9 2015, four+ teams are expected including Adam Wright's 
NCAA 2014 Champs, UCLA!!!  

I love this event and I plan to continue to coordinate with the top Men's College teams to bring this event to Monterey every summer!

Legacy goes into 2015 with new energy and new ideas! 

Go Polo!

Thank you all, Kathryn