Monday, July 20, 2015

Season schedule

The season schedule is posted on the blog including practice times, games and tournaments. Below is a text copy of games and tournaments which may be easier to read and print.

Things to note:
1. This year during Fall Break we have two games that cannot be moved (other schools don't have the same schedule as CUSD) so varsity and JV obviously need to plan accordingly.

2. Those students taking SAT and ACT need to take them on the dates suggested below so as not to adversely impact the teams performance. Plan accordingly

Carmel High Boys Water Polo 2015 Season Schedule (version 7/20/15)

Aug 3-11– Hell Week (Times on blog)

Aug. 12 – First Day of school

Aug. 14 – First Day of full practice

Aug. 20 – Preseason parents meeting (6:30-7:30 Cafeteria)

Aug 29? – Valley Christian scrimmage CHS (Frosh,JV,V) ?

Sept 4-5 – Carmel “Season Opener” Tournament (@CHS) (Frosh and JV TBA)
Sept 5 - Home football game
Wilcox Great 8 Tournament (@Wilcox, Santa Clara) (Varsity TBA)

Sept 10 – Carmel vs. Aptos (@Aptos) (5 JV, 6 V)

Sept 11-12 – Watsonville Tournament @ Watsonville (Frosh TBA)
12 – ACT test date (take on this date vice October date)

Sept 15 – Palma vs. Carmel (@CHS) (4 F, 5 JV, 6 V)

Sept 17 – Carmel vs. Soquel (@Cabrillo) (6 V, 7 JV)

Sept 18-19 – Serra JV Tournament (@ Serra,San Mateo) (JV & Frosh TBA)

Sept 21 – Monterey vs. Carmel (@CHS) (6 JV, 7 V)

Sept 24 – Salinas vs. Carmel (@CHS) (5 JV, 6 V)

Sept 25-26 – St. Francis Varsity Tournament @ St. Francis (Varsity TBA)

Sept 29 – Carmel vs. Santa Cruz (@Santa Cruz) (5 JV, 6 V)

Oct 3 – St. Francis JV Tournament @ St. Francis (JV TBA)

Oct 8 – Aptos vs. Carmel (@ CHS) (4 F, 5 JV, 6 V)

Oct 9 – Bellarmine Jamboree @ Bellarmine (Frosh TBA)

Oct. 12-16 – Fall Break (GAMES TUE/THUS. Please plan vacations or college trips accordingly.)

Oct 10 - Anticipated that SAT is held on this date. This is a GOOD date to take it (not the anticipated 7 November date) which is league championship day.

Oct 13 – Carmel vs. Palma (@Hartnell (6 V, 7 JV)

Oct 15 – Soquel vs. Carmel (@CHS) (5 JV, 6 V)

Oct 20 – Carmel vs. Monterey (@CHS) (6 V, 7 JV)

Oct 23-24 – Padre Invitational Tournament (@CHS) (Varsity TBA)
Oct 24 - Home football game
24 – ACT test date (NOT a good date to take it)

Oct 27 – Carmel vs. Salinas (@Hartnell) (4 V, 5 JV)

Oct 29 – Santa Cruz vs. CHS (@CHS) (4 F, 5 JV, 6 V)

Oct 30-31 – Carmel Invitational Tournament (@CHS) (Frosh and JV TBA)

Nov. 2-6 – League Championship Week (Note: We will likely have 1-2 games during this week. Probably 3rd & 5th. We will also likely host a number of early round games and will need parent help this week. We also typically call up a few standouts from the Freshman and JV teams for this experience)

Nov. 7 – League Championship Saturday (Varsity)
(Note: If season goes well, we will be playing at some time during this day. Anticipated SAT date. Please take SAT’s on the October date instead of this date.)

Nov. 10-12 – CCS 1st Round and Quarterfinals (Note: If we were to be victorious this week it would mean practice Nov. 9-13 with games. Plan accordingly)

Nov 14 – CCS quarter final games

Nov 21 – CCS Finals

Nov 20 – Awards ceremony (6-9)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

UCLA vs. UOP August 8th at Catalina

  Legacy Wave Logo    

#1 ranked UCLA Bruin's club team plays UOP's men's team in exhibition game in Monterey!

Legacy Water Polo Hosts
UOP Men's club team lead by   
Coach James Graham 
Join Legacy Water Polo on Saturday, August 8th @ 6:00pm at Santa Catalina School in Monterey.
Legacy will host
UCLA and UOP men in an Exhibition game.

The 2013 Men's National Coach of the Year, James Graham enters his seventh season at the helm of the Pacific men's water polo program, and third as women's head coach in the 2014-15 seasons. 

On the men's side, after building the Tigers into one of the nation's elite programs, Graham led Pacific to unprecedented success in 2013, as the Tigers turned in a program-best 23-5 record, claimed its first MPSF regular season crown, and advanced to the NCAA National Championship Game, pushing USC to overtime before falling, 12-11. 

Pacific reached the No. 1 spot in the CWPA polls for the first time in program history on November 6, 2013, following Pacific's 10-6 win over then No. 1 USC. The win, which came in front of a school-record crowd of 1,337, was Graham's first over a top-ranked team while at Pacific.

The Tigers spent all of 2013 ranked in the top five, including four weeks at the top spot. Pacific has remained in the top 10 of the polls every week of the last four seasons.
Legacy Water Polo is honored to host this visit by two top ranked NCAA teams and grateful for use of Santa Catalina's exceptional aquatic facility.

Gate Fee: $8/person                           Order on-line tickets here!

Donations towards this event are welcome. Legacy is hoping that UOP and UCLA's visit will help to raise funds to pay for the expense of the pools that we use year-round in the program.  Any donations towards the cost of the Legacy program are most appreciated. 

As a 501(c)3 your contributions are tax deductable.  
Legacy  Calendar
Visit for the our session practice calendar  
   Go Legacy!
Legacy Water Polo Thanks You!
Thank you for your continued participation and positive feed back on how to make our program better.  You can always contact us at or

Only three weeks until Hell Week starts - Are you ready?

Welcome to the 2015 Carmel water polo season. If you know of any freshman who are joining the team please pass the following information on and make sure they and their parents subscribe to the blog so they get the word directly. The coaches are not given any information on incoming freshman.  The preseason schedule that we call hell week is optional and voluntary.  It will consist of only conditioning until Aug 14 but it is highly recommended.

The schedule for 2015 is on the blog as we currently know it. If there are changes they will be posted to the blog and you will be notified. Pay special attention to tournament dates.

For Tuesday the 4th of August the most important requirement is that you MUST bring a completed Summer Activities Liability & Medical Release/Consent Waiver form. If you don't, you can't participate until we have one. The form can be found on the CHS website under Sports and then Summer Sports. Print out the form, have your parents fill it out and bring it to Coach Langland when you arrive Tuesday early enough to be ready to start activities at 03:30. As is dictated by league rules,  practice until 15 August will be without any polo equipment so be ready for running, swimming and calisthenics. That means you need to bring tennis shoes, running shorts and t-shirt, swimming suit, towel and your own water source. Older players who are driving are reminded that you should park in the main parking lot, not at the pool.

In addition you should be working on filling out the Athletic Department sports package. If you don't already have a physical they will be given again on Saturday 15 August at CHS. If you have your forms completed the athletic office will be open starting on 04 August to process the forms. They can also be turned in at Arena Day. Avoid the rush on the first days of school and get your forms in early. Starting Monday 17 August you will not be able to practice unless you have brought the team copy of the Emergency Form to practice. Again, bring it to Coach Langland.

Like last year we are going to do the roster input online. As those who have participated in polo before we use the web and email exclusively to communicate since at times there is not much lead time on changing issues. Be sure you have an email address (freshman if you don't have one you can use the one you will get at school) and it is your responsibility to check the blog and your personal email at least once/day. We will distribute the URL for the online roster input soon. Please enter your input at your earliest convenience so we have access to your person information and have an accurate roster.

As the schedule says,  there is a mandatory parents meeting on Thursday 20 August from 6:30 to 7:30 in the CHS Cafeteria. At this meeting we pass on critical information on what to expect from your son's participation in water polo. You will learn that water polo is a family activity because there is so much that needs to be done that we need parents support. We need score and stat keepers, coordinators and helpers for our snack bar at the tournaments we sponsor, help with coordinators of transportation, help with team apparel and the list goes on. The up side is it gives you a chance to be actively involved in your son's activities. You only have your boys at home for a few more years. The school district does not provide transportation to our tournaments so we need parents who schedule allows to fill out the paperwork that is required to transport team members and to have their cars safety checked. You can start that process now. Again the forms are on the CHS website under Sports.

As was posted a few days ago, on Saturday Aug 8th at 6pm at the Catalina pool the UCLA Bruins, last years NCAA Men's Water Polo champions will play an exhibition game with UOP Tigers. Plan on coming and seeing how the college players play the game.

If you have any questions please email Coach Langland at and we will get your questions answered.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Legacy sponsored exhibition game by UCLA Bruins

t-shirt design   

#1 ranked UCLA "Bruin" Team plays a summer exhibition game for Legacy Water Polo!  Again!!

Legacy Water Polo Hosts
UCLA Men's club team-the Bruins-lead by  
USA Olympic Silver medalist and  
Coach Adam Wright  
Adam Wright   
Join Legacy Water Polo on Saturday, August 8th @ 6:00pm at the pool at Santa Catalina School in Monterey.
Legacy will host UCLA men in an Exhibition game against the University of the Pacific men's team.

Coach Adam Wright begins his seventh season as UCLA's head men's water polo coach in 2015 with his first NCAA title as a coach to go with his two as a player (1999, 2000).  

UCLA defeated Southern California 9-8 to win the 2014 NCAA Men's Water Polo Championship. This is UCLA's first men's water polo title since 2004.

Due to their proliferating victories during their 2014 season and ultimate first-place finish, UCLA has been presented with the opportunity to test its new chemistry in international waters as representatives of the United States at the World University Games in South Korea July 3-14. (Looks like the men have already beat Turkey, Serbia and Japan, if I read this correctly. Go UCLA!)
Legacy Water Polo is honored to host this visit by two top ranked NCAA teams and grateful for use of Santa Catalina's exceptional aquatic facility.

Gate Fee: $8/person             On-line ticket sales will open soon.

Donations towards this event are welcome. Legacy is hoping that UCLA's visit will help to raise funds to pay for the expense of the pools that we use year-round in the program.  Any donations or contributions towards
the cost of the Legacy program are very sincerely appreciated. 

As a 501(c)3 your contributions are tax deductable.  
Legacy  Calendar
Visit for the our session practice calendar  
   Go Legacy!
Legacy Water Polo Thanks You!
Thank you for your continued participation and positive feed back on how to make our program better.  You can always contact us at or

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Important Reminder to all parents and kids:




Friday, May 8, 2015

Summer is here...The SEASON is approaching very fast

The summer is here.  The high school season begins in less than 3 months.  What are your plans for the summer?  I am sure hoping it involves playing for Legacy and swimming.  See below how to get plugged in at Legacy for the summer and Junior Olympics.  We are building our Junior Olympic teams as we speak.  Get on the list if you want to try to make those squads and get some REALLY great experience.  We will be merging with Otter Bay for the summer to combine forces for JO's which will be awesome.  See bottom of this post for info and what you need to do to get involved for JO's.  Don't miss this opportunity.

Legacy Pre-Session starts May 18.  Sign up here

Summer presents itself with tons of opportunities.  Vacation with family, summer job, playing other sports.  It's tough to fit it all in.  I will say that however that it is important to fit water polo into the picture as much as possible.  It has gotten more and more competitive in our program.  It is important to put in work in the offseason to be in shape, sharpen your game and to improve before the high school season begins.

If you truly want to get really good at this game, please pay attention to this...You can gain almost an entire "season's" worth of experience in one summer.   If you commit and attend Legacy practices, conditioning workouts and tournaments during the summer it is equivalent to a high school season.  If you are going to be a junior next year, wouldn't it be incredible if you came into the season with a senior level of experience????  That's what can happen if you put the work in.

Remember, not much about this game is easy, but that's what makes it fun :)

Coach Gaily

Legacy Water Polo is ready to rock for the upcoming USA Water Polo Junior Olympic Tournament.  As a proud parent of a JO participant, I can confirm that this is a great time. The tournaments are well-run, well-refereed and the play is fantastic. I urge parents to go all-in and try and make every game.

All Legacy needs in order to have the best JO experience ever is committed, excited players.  

We want you!!!


In order to play with us in this amazing event:
  1. Visit, and click on the Junior Olympics tab 
  2. Follow the instructions to register
  3. Email me at: to let me know you want to participate
  4. I am going to be the main logistics coordinator for the JO run. (Carl will be running the teams and the practices, but there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff that needs to be done).

*** Time is of the essence, so we need players signed up ASAP ***
I would like a full roster of committed kids by May 11th!

3 Qualification Weekends in June (East Bay/South Bay Area):
  • 16 U Boys & 16U Girls:  6/12 - 6/14
  • 14U Boys, 18U Boys & 18U Girls:  6/19-6/21
  • 14,16,18 U Boys and 16U & 18U Girls:  6/26-6/28
Finals in Orange County:
  • Boys:  7/25 - 7/28
  • Girls:  7/30 - 8/2 

Thank you and if you have any questions about JOs, please email:

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Hello All High School Water Polo Athletes and Parents,

Legacy Water Polo has FOUR remaining high school Saturday practices this spring session. And we would like to invite ALLhigh school athletes that have a current USA WP membership to join us for a fun Saturday morning or early afternoon scrimmage!

The remaining practices will be held THIS Saturday, March 28th from 1pm to 3pm at MPC.  The following three will be held from 11am to 1pm at the MPC pool on the dates of April 11th, April 25th, and May 16th, as noted on the Legacy Website Calendar


1) A CURRENT USA Water Polo Athlete Membership
2) A release of liability and insurance waiver for Legacy Water Polo.
      * If you have participated in a Legacy session in the last 2 years, these should be on file. 
       * If you have never participated in a Legacy practice, all you need to do is complete the One Time Player registration form.
       * There will also be a few copies that can be filled out on deck, but we prefer to save trees where possible. 

We look forward to seeing all you on deck, and feel free to bring any friends, as long as they fit the above criteria!