Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Belated thank you / Gate keepers and desk help

A belated huge thank you to Mike and Kira Whitaker for feeding everyone last Saturday at the scrimmage. Give them a thank you when you see them. Above and beyond and greatly appreciated in addition to Kira being the team parent coordinator.


We have clarified that we need to collect an admission fee from spectators all weekend. Kira will have a Joiners signup sheet posted soon for that task and for manning the desk. Please help us get the job done. Many hands makes light work.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Olympic Development Program Tryouts

For those of you getting serious about water polo please look closely at this opportunity.  The Olympic Development Program or "ODP" has been a great addition to many of our players off season training over the last 5 years or so.  Please see link for information on sign ups and tryout dates.  http://www.usawaterpolo.org/odp/boys-training-dates.html

Kids in last few years that have experienced ODP:
Kevan Auger
Wyatt Milne
Carter Whitaker
Nick Kimes
Brett Luch
Wyatt Laughlin

Spirit Pack Orders...Sept.1 Deadline

You must make your Spirit Pack purchase by Sept. 1.  This is required attire for all players.  As mentioned at the pre-season informational meeting, if you have a financial hardship and need some assistance please email Coach Gaily directly for information on how we can help in an anonymous way.
Purchases are made by going to https://webstores.activenetwork.com/school-software/carmel_high_school_o/index.php?l=product_list&c=82

While on that link, please purchase the Snack Bar donation fund option as well.  We would greatly appreciate it.

Please feel free to purchase other spirit gear as well.  Let's have a see of Red, White, Gray at all games this year.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Thank you / Seeding for next weeks home tournament / Impact Testing

What a fantastic day it turned out to be A big thank you to all the parents that turned out today to watch the scrimmages. Special thanks for those that came to the scoring table and did some training/refreshing on the tasks that need to be done to host a game: game/shot clock, scoreboard, official scorebook and stats for home and visitors.
Next weekend we need to do those tasks for 14 games (4 on Friday, 10 on Saturday) as you see below. Also a thank you to those that met with Kira on the other issues that she covered. In addition at our tournaments we run a snack bar for the boys and visiting teams as a fundraiser. New  this year we have the additional task of collecting an admission fee at the gate for spectators because football games are going on concurrently. We are not sure at this point whether that will be only on Saturday during the football game at which admission is charged or at all games. When that is clarified we will send out an online shift signup. This doesn't require any training, just a shift collecting a nominal entry fee. Therefore hopefully everyone whose schedule allows can pitch in and get the jobs done. Water polo is a family sport.


2015 Carmel Padre JV Season Opener
Sept. 4 & 5,2015
Hwy. 1 & Ocean Ave., Carmel CA 93921

Game 1            4:00 p.m.         CHS JV vs. Leland
Game 2            4:55p.m.           CHS Frosh vs. Salinas
Game 3            5:50p.m            Monterey vs. Leland
Game 4            6:45 p.m.          CHS Frosh vs. Valley Christian Frosh
Saturday:          Game 5            8:00a.m.          Salinas vs. Valley Christian JV
Game 6            8:55a.m.          CHS Frosh vs. Willow Glen
Game 7            9:50a.m.           CHS JV vs. Junipero Serra
Game 8           10:45a.m.          Leland vs. Valley Christian JV
Game 9           11:40a.m.          CHS Frosh vs. Monterey
Game 10          12:35p.m.        Willow Glen vs. Valley Christian Frosh
Game 11            1:30p.m.         Salinas vs. Junipero Serra
Game 12            2:25p.m.         CHS JV vs. Valley Christian JV
Game 13            3:20p.m.         Monterey vs. Valley Christian Frosh
Game 14           4:15p.m.         Willow Glen vs. Junipero Serra

All games will be played on a 25m x 20 yd course with 6 minute quarters.  One thirty second substitution time out per game/team.  Any ties will be played off in sudden victory. 


CHS is making Impact Testing available next Tuesday from 3:30 - 6:00. Impact Testing is a non invasive brain baseline testing (quiz) that would be used to assess a concussion and recovery from it. Polo will make time available from practice next Tuesday for those that wish to participate. Please read the material on the CHS website on the Sports tab. There is a link to a description of the program and a parental permission form (would have copied and pasted but it wouldn't let me). A signed permission form must accompany the boy taking the test.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Due to schedule mix ups Valley Christian unfortunately had to cancel our scrimmage on Saturday.  

Do not fear!!  We will still be scrimmaging however and will make a fun day out of it.  Scrimmages will be followed by contests and relays for all.  

Parents come watch and hang out for the morning.  Also: PARENTS COME LEARN HOW TO VOLUNTEER AT THE SCORER'S TABLE.  Get to know some new families and watch your kids play. You don't want to miss it.  

Here is the schedule for Saturday:

9:00am: Frosh/JV intersquad scrimmage (Warmups at 8:30am sharp)
10:00am: Varsity Alumni/Intersquad scrimmage (Varsity must be on hand to watch JV/Frosh scrimmage)
11:00am:  Bellyflop contest, 5 Lives Shooting contest, and various fun relays and events for all levels of the program.  

Lunch will be provided.  

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Coach Frank finishes swim across the Monterey Bay in record time!

Well our very own Coach Frank Reynolds completed quite the challenge.  He and a few teammates swam from Capitola to Lover's Point on Sunday.  Let me ask what did you do on your Sunday?  haha.  Frank began the first leg of the swim at 3:30am on Sunday morning in the pitch black with NO wetsuit!!!  What a stud.  We are so incredibly to have Coach Frank as part of our water polo family.  His knowledge of the game and passion for teaching/coaching young men is invaluable.

Read the newspaper article chronicling their "record setting" swim.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Goalie Tryouts important info

Goalie tryouts will be Monday 5:15.  If you are a prospective jv goalie you may attend your practice at 3:30 with coach Carl and then attend goalie practice after or just come to 5:15 goalie practice.  Please let Carl know if you choose to only do goalie practice and skip the regular jv practice.  If you are on the fence or just curious about playing goalie, I would encourage you to give it a try and find out for sure.  As I have stressed before, the goalkeeper position is the most critical position on the team.  See you there.