Saturday, April 5, 2014

Summer Legacy

  Water Polo Ball on deck 
For the second year in a row,
LEGACY is taking multiple teams to the USA Water Polo
National Junior Olympics (JO's)
this summer!! 
Legacy is entering teams in the
12U, 14U & 16U boys and 16U girls brackets!

Your decisions need to be made in the next three weeks. 
 Cost will be $350 per player for each 16U and 14U team that is entered into the JO Qualifiers
Cost will be $300 per player for the 12U team participants.

Checks are due by May 1 to hold your space and ensure that we enough players per team.

72+ teams from across the country will compete in the 14U Boys Div Finals
AND . . .
Between 84-108 teams from across the country will compete in the 16U Boys' and Girls' Div Finals
13+ teams from 12U boys will be selected from the Pacific Zone
18+ teams from 12U boys will be selected from the Pacific Zone
and 16+ teams each from from the 16U Girls and 16U Boys will be selected from the Pacific Zone!
We need fast action from those families that think that their son or daughter would like to participate in this National water polo event.   
Your player does not have to be a star water polo athlete.  The USAWP National Junior Olympics encourages development at all levels of play. 
Participation allows for growth in the sport and significant maturity in overall play, teamwork and sportsmanship.
The time commitment and costs involved are not small, so please read the materials carefully to be sure of your family commitment to this event. 

 Sign-up Now!   


We currently have 27 players who have expressed interest in one of the teams below!!! 
Most enthusiastic are the 16U Boys and we may end up with two teams. 

I have taken the liberty of inserting several names especially in the 12U boys category.  These are only here as a suggestion, players that I see have done Legacy for more than one session or a friend has suggested their name. 

In order to be signed up, you must send in a check and follow all of the steps in the links above.

12U Boys 14U Boys 16U Girls   16U Boys 
Charles Conner
Wyley Dale
Jasper Dale
Luca Bozzo
Wesley Hill
Borman, Bohdi
Hubbard Avery
Christou, Sebastian
Natha White
Hunter, Heger
Meheen, Michael
barstad, caleb
Dampier-Beard, Adam
Aaron Georis
Zach Rodriguez
Eli Willis
David Daniels
Isidoro Cosentino
Will Morgan
Nathaniel Pettas
Bohdi Borman
Billy Lynch
Kelly Rice
Megan Rice
Emma Morgan
Ella Schwirzke
Megan Brady
Sophia Franklin
John Fletcher
Ian Hubbard
Alex Rodriguez
Anthony Gnibus
Parker Costa
Parker Fisher
Brian Frost
hunter schurman
Jack Margolis
Téo Sanico
Kevan Auger
Connor Goodson
Alex Johnson
seth chavez
Kyle Hertsch
Carter Whitaker
David Molina
Henry Eason

Checks are due by May 1 to hold your space and insure that we enough players per team.

Any questions please call 831-625-2120!! 

Legacy Water Polo Thanks You!
Thank you for your continued participation and positive feed back on how to make our program better.  You can always contact us at Legacy Polo or phone: 831-625-2120.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Saturday Scrimmages!! and Swim Conditioning

Please read both sections.  If you chose not to swim for CHS you still have options to get in shape and improve.  Read below and put in the work.
Coach Gaily

This is strongly encouraged for all CHS polo players.  
If you are planning on going out for Legacy's Junior Olympic Team this summer these scrimmages are incredibly important.

Spring HS Saturday ScrimmagesFees: $75  
Ages 14 & Up 
   *HS: Sign-up and Pay 

  • Saturdays 3:30-5:00pm

First practice: March 15
Last practice: May 17

Don't miss this opportunity! Legacy is offering all of our High School participants Saturday scrimmages this Spring. Stay in polo shape and get ready for summer. Planning to go to JOs? You should consider this practice required! Ages 14 & up. Must be experienced HS player. 

Swim Conditioning Spring 2014

Swim Conditioning schedule, March 4, 2014 to May 29, 2014:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00-7:30pm  
(Please check Legacy's Calendar for time changes.)

$100 for the session, 26 swim practices.  $3.85 per 1.5hour practice!


Are you serious about water polo?  Want to play in high school and maybe beyond?  
Here is one serious suggestion on what you should be doing in order to perfect your play and be the best local player that you can be.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Memorial tile for Tom Coppinger

The Carmel High Water Polo Community would like to pay tribute to Tom Coppinger and the Coppinger family (Tracy, Trey, Carson) by creating a memorial "tile" in his honor; to be placed on the wall of the Walthour Aquatic Complex.  Tom was a huge supporter of all things Carmel Water Polo and his presence will be greatly missed.  If you would like to help honor the memory of Tom Coppinger, please consider donating towards this cause. Coach Gaily

Friends of Carmel Aquatics (FOCA) is donating a 12x12 tile with a memorial statement approved by Tracy Coppinger. Our hope is that the water polo and swimming community will make contributions large or small in Tom's memory. All funds collected go toward trying to accumulate the $30K which is FOCA's half share toward getting a long overdue roof on the outdoor classroom/shade/rain structure. CUSD will contribute the other half, solicit bids and oversee the construction. We are 2/3 of the way to our goal. If you would like to contribute you can do so via Paypal at or send checks to FOCA, PO Box 22214, Carmel, CA 93922-0214 with a note for Tom's memorial. All donations are tax deductible and you will get an acknowledgment.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Scholarship email correction

Subject: Otter Bay Water Polo Senior Scholarship-corrected submission email

Hi all,

Please let your seniors who are applying know that the email address on the letter is incorrect. Submissions should be emailed to



Friday, February 14, 2014

Scholarship available

February 14th, 2014
Dear Coach,
Otter Bay Water Polo Foundation is pleased to announce that we are offering two,
$1000 water polo scholarships for 2014 ! We will select one Male and
one Female as recipients of this award. Please have your Student athletes provide
the following information:
1. Water Polo Experience
2. Academic information
3. Community Service and or Volunteer Information
4. Picture and Bio including the topic-”How water polo has improved my life”.
Applicants must be High School Seniors who will be attending College ( Jr. or 4 year)
this Fall. Applicants do not have to play Water Polo at the College level to be
eligible for this award.
Please submit this information via email to:
Thank you and continued success!
Gary Figueroa
Otter Bay Water Polo Foundation

Monday, February 3, 2014

Wanna improve as a polo player??? It's simple...Meet these new standards...SWIM!!!

I write this post or some variation of it every year.  It should go without saying that if you desire to improve as a water polo player and help your team vie for another league championship then you must do all that you can...It's simple...SWIM!!!!  I believe Carmel High swimming starts this week.  Get those speedos and goggles out and get to work.

There is absolutely NO substitute for swimming on a competitive swim team if you want to be faster and a better polo player.  Let me ask you boys a question...Have you ever seen a really good high school water polo player that is making a significant dent in a game that is not a good swimmer???  Answer = NO

I hear it every year though, "Instead of swimming coach I'm going to surf every day".  I've heard them all.  It's simple like I said, if you want to improve as a water polo player then do everything you can to become faster.  How does one become faster???  Lifting weights??  Playing Lacrosse??  You get it I know...Swim.  We're not telling you to quit lacrosse or baseball, no way.  If you love those sports, go for it.  But, if you want to be a good polo player and are not playing another sport that you are absolutely in love with, do yourself and your team a favor and swim for Carmel High.

Here are standards to give you an idea of how swimming may help you.  Ask yourself if you can meet these requirements.  If not, put in the work to make it happen.

50 free---25.0 secs or below; two varsity boys at 23 secs or faster
100 free--55.0 secs or below; two varsity boys at 52 secs or faster 

10 x 100 on the 1:20

50 free---27 secs or below; two jv boys at 25 secs or faster
100 free--58.00 secs or below; two jv boys at 54 secs or faster

10 x 100 on the 1:25

50 free---30 secs or below; two frosh boys at 26 secs or faster 
100 free--1:00 or below; two frosh boys at 57:00 or faster

10 x 100 on the 1:30

On the 10 x 100s, all should be coming in fast enough to have 5-10 seconds rest before leaving on the interval.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Athletic survey - only takes 5 minutes guys - let's get it done


This Friday is the deadline for the fall sports surveys.  Please send your guys a reminder
Still only 1 JV player has taken it and 5 varsity.