Saturday, May 27, 2017

Carmel Water Polo App

Carmel High Water Polo Family-

We are launching a new water polo app that will increase our communication. This App is completely free and will allow you to use your smart phone to quickly keep track of our schedule, news and announcements. I will publish our schedule for games and practices this week along with other important information. Please take the time to download this app. The blog will still be up and running but not updated regularly. I've included a link below.  If you have trouble with the link at all you can goto TeamApp and search Carmel High Water Polo.

The season will be here before you know it. We start non mandatory practices in July. These practices are extremely important. Another great opportunity is to participate in Legacy Water Polo. As you know from my previous post we are capping only 14 on the Varsity. The Junior Varsity is also going to be very competitive this year. Coming into the school year out of water polo shape will greatly affect a players chances of earning playing time.

Coach Graham

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Coaching Philosophy

I wanted to share with you part of my coaching philosophy and what this means for the upcoming season. Coaching provides the opportunity to teach not only the skills to succeed in water polo, but the character skills necessary to be successful in life. These life lessons have been ingrained in our water polo program over the years and will remain a major component of our coaching style. 

A lesson that I feel is incredibly important to teach is that of earning your spot by showing hard work, dedication, and respect. This translates in and out of the pool.  This year the Varsity will only be dressing 14 athletes for games. The others will be on the practice squad. The two teams will always practice together under the same Varsity umbrella, and the two groups are fluid. Each week the coaches will be evaluating the team and making recommendations based on hard work, dedication, skills and attitude. The caps must be earned each week. Players from the practice squad have the ability to move up as much as the players who have caps have the ability to move down. 

I believe this accomplishes two things. The first is earning your spot. Practices will become more competitive. The second is not having to make cuts. We struggle every year with this dilemma. This program has grown considerably. We have never cut before and by creating two groups we wont have to. This gives the athletes the ability to compete by working hard to earn their spots. We will conduct one on one meetings with each athlete to let them know what they have to achieve to earn a cap. I want to also encourage players to come to the coaching staff and ask what they need to do to keep or earn a cap. This instills accountability and is a great life lesson. When practices start everyone is on a level playing field. 

Practices will start July 5th. They will be every Monday and Wednesday from 4-5 pm until July 26th. We also have the pool reserved on Tuesdays and Thursdays during those same hours for special practices and clinics. These practices are NOT MANDATORY but strongly encouraged. These practices are open to all water polo players that are Carmel High Students. A waiver will have to be signed to attend. I encourage all players to adjust their schedules as much as possible to attend. Once again, they are not mandatory but will help us gain the edge we need to achieve our goals. 

Lastly, participation in The Legacy Water Polo Club is strongly encouraged. The Junior Olympic Tournament is held in July and is an incredible opportunity to experience high level water polo. Encourage your teammates to participate in Legacy this summer. If you know any new freshman planning on playing for Carmel High get them evolved. Lets get as many players playing water polo this summer as possible.

Coach Graham

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Head Coach Graham Evans

Good Evening,

I am very honored to be the new head coach at Carmel High School.  I am even more excited that we are keeping the family of coaches together. We had a coaches meeting last week and everyone is excited about this new chapter. We discussed a few changes to the program but we are still committed to teaching life skills.  Coach Gaily has created an incredible program and we are all dedicated to continuing his wonderful work.

I would like to meet with Sophomores and Juniors tomorrow, Thursday, April 6,  right after school at the pool. The meeting is for players only and shouldn't last more than 20 minutes. I know this is late notice and I understand if someone has a previous engagement. I'm extremely excited about getting started!

Go Padres!!

Coach Graham

Friday, March 17, 2017

New Head Coach Announced!!

Dear Parents, Students, Alumni, Fans:

For the last couple of years I had been personally struggling with the growing burden of a feeling that as much as I loved coaching, the time was coming that I needed to step away from the water polo program.  I had become stretched so thin between two businesses and my kids were getting older.  The program however continued to grow and succeed.  We were highly organized and I had tremendous help from parents and our coaches, but even so I felt as though I was beginning to drown and was struggling to keep up with the demands of running a popular and successful program like ours had become.  I had one major concern.  If I was to step down...Would we lose the momentum so many of us coaches and players had worked so hard to attain?  Our water polo program had truly become a family with so much history and great traditions, what would happen to this?  It couldn't be someone from outside.  An outsider might know water polo and love coaching kids, but they would not have any idea of the magic that has occurred in this program.  Who would continue this tradition?

Well, the answers to these questions and fears I had were answered...

It is with great excitement that I announce the hiring of Graham Evans as Head Coach of Carmel High School Water Polo.   I could not be leaving this program in better hands than Graham's!!! 

Coach Evans is first and foremost a Carmel High School alumni, but he has been a dedicated assistant for this program for over 10 years along with a few years coaching the girls program.  He becomes only the 7th head coach since Jim Agan started our program in 1968.  In those 49 years of Carmel High Water Polo, 4 out of the total 6 previous head coaches (including myself) coached 46 of those 49 total years.  6 of the 7 head coaches are Carmel High School Alumni (including Graham).  That's consistency.  That's tradition.  

Graham has been a vital piece of our coaching staff for a long time.  He knows water polo and knows coaching.  Most importantly however, I can personally attest to the character of Graham Evans.  Graham is a man of integrity.  He is a man that loves his family and leads it well.  He cares about kids and loves coaching water polo.  I have no doubt that he will employ all these great attributes and more as he dives head first into his new role as Head Coach.

With much love and gratitude in my heart (and some tears in my eyes)... I am officially "passing the torch" to Graham Evans.  I am genuinely excited to see what the next chapter has for this great program.  Under Graham's watchful eye and leadership, I am confident it will continue to thrive, succeed and most importantly continue to be an environment for personal growth, mentoring, and character building for the hardworking boys in our program.

Go Padres!!


Aaron Gaily
Head Coach (1999, 2003-2016)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Put in Work or maybe get left behind...

Dear Players and Parents:

The Carmel High Water Polo Program is still currently in transition as the District will be interviewing candidates for head coach for the 2017 season.   

In the meanwhile I am currently still involved with Legacy Water Polo Club as a board member and am actively trying to prep the Carmel High program to transition well and not skip a beat when the new coach comes in.  Part of that is making sure our boys are doing everything they can to improve during the offseason.  

We are super excited to add Gary Figueroa to Legacy as "Aquatics Director".  Gary is developing and overseeing the growth and development of our age group offerings, instruction as well as coach training.  

It is very important that you work on your craft during the offseason.  Your better believe your competition is!  

We hope that you are swimming with the high school team this spring as swim speed and endurance is extremely important to improving as a water polo player.  

We do however have many kids that play other sports in the spring instead of swimming and that is ok.  If you do, please take advantage of Legacy's new "Sunday" afternoon practice option during the spring.  It will be guided and controlled scrimmaging mainly and will be a great way to learn, improve, stay in shape and have fun, even if you're currently playing baseball, lacrosse, etc.

I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the programs that Legacy has to offer.  Please follow this link, Sign up.  Just do it :)

Junior Olympics and Summer Legacy are right around the corner.  

Once again...If you want to be a great water polo player...If you want to help your team win...Then you MUST put work into improving OUTSIDE OF THE REGULAR SEASON!  This league is too competitive to expect that you will be able to show up in August, not having played or swam since the previous season and expect to compete with Soquel, Santa Cruz, Salinas, etc.  

Carmel High teams of the past that won championships in 2010, 2012, and 2014...They put in the work and committed.  Champions are made in practice.  Get plugged in with Legacy at and put in the work.  


Aaron Gaily

Monday, January 23, 2017

Scholarship Opportunity

Our local master's water polo club, Otter Bay, generously offers a yearly scholarship to local water polo players.  I encourage you to apply.  Last year's winner was none other than our own "Jack Jack" Maughan.  Here is the information.  Much thanks to the club members at Otter Bay.  Very cool!

Water polo scholarships for 2017

Dear Coach,
The Otter Bay Water Polo Foundation is pleased to announce that we are offering two $1000 water polo scholarships for 2017!  We will select one male and one female as recipients of this award.

Please have your student athletes provide the following information:

1. Water polo experience
2. Academic information
3. Community service and/or volunteer information
4. Picture and bio including an essay on the topic: "How Water Polo Has Improved My Life"

Applicants must be high school seniors who will be attending college (junior college or 4-year) this fall.   Applicants do not have to play water polo at the college level to be eligible for this award.

The timeline is as follows:

Applications due: April 21
Winners notified: May 5

Please submit this information in a document or video via email to:

Friday, December 2, 2016

Few extra videos left

If you had emailed me and signed up for a video and forgot to grab one or pay at the banquet, please let me know.

Also, I have a few extra videos left.  If some of you had wanted to purchase one, but forgot.  Please email me at