Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Serra Tourney Request List

Serra Tournament on Saturday - Request List link:
All players should pack their own food, water and healthy snacks in addition to this request list for the team!  Go Frosh and JV Padres on Saturday at Serra!

Parkas / Spirit Packs,Clothing

There are two parkas in the equipment room. Check if you have yours. Remember they will be turned in at the end of the season.


Spirit Packs/Spirit Wear
All spirit wear has arrived!!  We know everyone has been anxiously awaiting their spirit wear (sweatpants, sweatshirts, fleeces, duffel bags, blankets, t-shirts, hats), and we will be distributing everything at Thursday’s home games/scrimmages.  We will be parked on the North side of the pool from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. – look for a tan van with the tailgate open, full of red and grey items…  Either the player or the parent can pick up items.  We are hoping EVERYONE picks up their items Thursday, otherwise it will be a challenge to get items to their rightful owners.

Also, the last two Freshmen can pick up their remaining spirit pack on Thursday as well – thank you for your patience!
·         Cole Dickman
·         Jack Johnston

Extra Team Clothing
Need an extra practice suit?  Lost your t-shirt already?  Really like the team fleece and wish you had ordered one??  We have a few extra team items left which we will also have available for sale on Thursday.  If you are interested, stop by the van – first come, first served with a check or cash in hand…  LIMITED QUANTITIES  (Items can be reserved ahead of time only for those working shifts at Thursday’s game desk!)
·         Red embroidered team fleece – size L - $40
·         Grey screen print grey t-shirt – size L - $15
·         13-14 season team suit – size 28 - $20
·         13-14 season team suit – size 30 - $20
·         ?? season team suit – size 36 - $20

Questions?  Tiffany:

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Serra schedule / Booster football help

Below is the schedule for the Junipero Serra tournament this weekend. CHS Athletic Dept is funding a bus. Departure is 5:30 sharp.  With normal traffic that will only allow 30 minutes for suiting up and warming up so don't be late. You will be left behind.

Serra High School
Friday Sept. 19th
4:00 Serra Hillsdale 1
5:00 S.I. Monta Vista 2
Saturday Sept. 20th
8:00 Carmel JV St Francis Fr. 3
9:00 Carmel Fr SHP 4
10:00 Loser 1 Loser 2 5
11:00 Loser 3 Loser 4 6
12:00 Winner 1 Winner 2 7
1:00 Winner 3 Winner 4 8
2:00 Loser 5 Loser 6 9 7th 
3:00 Winner 5 Winner 6 10 5th
4:00 Loser 7 Loser 8 11 3rd
5:00 Winner 7 Winner 8 12 1st
7 Min Quarters 
1 Full Time out (1:00) & 1 - :20 second timeout


Boosters is looking for help at football games again this year. The team gets $25/ student or parent for helping. We had three players help last weekend: Harrison Whitaker and Brett and Matthew Luch. Thanks guys. Hopefully more varsity players can help this coming weekend since both JV and frosh will be gone. The signup link is:

The other possible dates are 11/08 and 11/15. Hopefully JV and frosh can volunteer one of these weekends because their season will be done. This is an easy fundraiser and players get community service hours also. Thanks for your help.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Aptos games Monday

On Monday the the bus will leave at 2:30 with release at 2:20. Freshman game is at 4:00.
Because of limited seating on a bus the JV and Frosh team will have to have a travel team of about 17 players each.
The JV players who will be going are caps 1, 1A and 2-16. If any of these players are absent the substitutes will be Will Georis, Jackson Salnier and Alex Garza in that order. Hopefully the team will be able to figure out at school whether substitutes are needed and if so how many by coordinating amongst  yourselves.
Frosh list:

If anyone is sick I'll be taking 
In that order.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Missing ring

We use this blog for everything. I was just advised by Richard the pool custodian that the office had been advised that someone had lost an expensive ring at the pool I assume last weekend at the tournament. If you should happen to see one and turn it in to Ann Berry in the office maybe you will get a reward in addition to the satisfaction that you did the right thing.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Missing parka

The Coltelli's are looking for parka #63. It was on a chair and then gone so someone probably picked up the wrong one. Please check yours and if you have it return to Mac.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Clothing Update

Leftover JV/Frosh Tourney T-Shirts
We will be selling leftover JV/Frosh tournament t-shirts for $10 at both games this weekend.  Stop by the score table and grab yours!

Calling all Creative Minds…
If you have a cool idea that you would like to see on a water polo tournament t-shirt, email Tiffany by Sunday, 9/21 at  We would love to have a player-designed tee for the next two Carmel Invitational tournaments.  We’re hoping a player can come up with something to promote the sport among visiting players as well as our own team.  Keep in mind that the design must receive the Athletic Director’s blessing (thus taking a possible choice - Water Polo: If it was easy, it would be called football – most likely out of the running…)

If a player’s design is selected for use on the tee, they will get a free t-shirt and a gift card to a local food establishment as well as the knowledge that your design will be shown off by all the hardest-working athletes on campus…

Spirit Pack Items
The last few suits should arrive at the end of this week.  The remaining tees and fleece are due to arrive next week.  Items will be brought to the pool as soon as they are available. 

Spirit Wear
Sweats, parent fleeces, blankets and duffels are due to arrive next week.  Items will be brought to the pool as soon as they are available.