Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fundraising / Practice time / Watsonville Tournament / Fall Legacy

We are excited to kick off the season tomorrow night at our Pre-Season Parent meeting!  Again, please be reminded that this does not include players which is a change from past season.  We look forward to sharing news, open volunteer positions, and details about our upcoming season, and answering any questions you may have!  

Other than each teams relatively small budget from the athletic department and a variable donation/player by CHS Boosters primarily for required clothing the sports teams are responsible for raising the funds needed for running their programs through fundraising events. Equipment puchase and repair, Spirit packs and other clothing, tournament entry fees, referee fees, trophies and senior gifts, etc all take money. The team has officers who are responsible for managing those purchased through an ASB account. For the last five years or so, the Carmel boy's polo program has hosted three water polo tournaments through the season to raise funds. We have a reputation of running the best tournaments around but implied in that is participation by many people to make it happen. Selling food and tournament t-shirts are the vehicles for raising money. The food to be sold has to be purchased or donated. The program will be requesting a per family Food Fund donation of $45 which will be used to seed our home tourney snack bar supplies, provide food for players at certain Carmel hosted games, and provide food for specific late away-games.  If you choose to donate financially we would greatly appreciate it.  If so PLEASE BRING CHECKBOOK TO PARENT MEETING.  If you can not make the meeting, please give the check to your team parent: Kim Crozier (Freshman), Kira Whitaker (JV and Co-Varsity) or Lori Luch (Head Chair and Co-Varsity) at our first scrimmage with Valley Christian on Saturday,August 30.   The check would be made out to CHS ASB.

Since we don't anticipate any big purchases this year we have decided that the best use of at least our first $2500 of profits this year would be to donate to Friends of Carmel Aquatics (FOCA) which is a 501(c)(3) whose mission it to help fund the pool's operation. FOCA raised and donated $260000 toward the building and equipping of the pool. The roof on the stanchions near the entrance to the pool never got constructed when the pool was built and hence there is nowhere on the pool deck for swimmers/polo players to keep their belongings out of the rain/drizzle or sun. FOCA has been raising funds for the last five years through pool tiles and pool banner sales to raise it's $30,000 share of getting the roof done. FOCA is within $5000 of raising that amount and once constructed it will benefit everyone. Some day it will start to rain again and a $2500 contribution will buy a 12x12 tile for the team to inscribe however they want.


Friday's practice has been changed to the early practice


The Watsonville tournament on 12-13 Sep will be for freshman only.

If you have aspiring younger polo players at home see the following:
  t-shirt design  
Splashball Girl
 Fall 2014 Water Polo   
On-line registration coming soon!   
Fall Water Polo News:  
Legacy is working very hard to organize pools for our Fall program.  Access to pool space is always challenging in the fall season because most high school pools are heavily utilized on weeknights for high school water polo practices and games. 
We have secured Santa Catalina pool for Saturday mornings and we believe that we have secured a pool for weeknight use that will prove to be a new and exceptional facility for our club.  We are currently waiting for final authorization and will hopefully receive this news by tomorrow. 
FALL SPLASHBALL (schedule firm)

Days: Saturdays at Santa Catalina pool.
Time: 10:30-11:30am
Dates: September 6 - November 15
(no practice on Saturdays - Sept 27 & October 25)

Registration link coming soon! 

(schedule firm on Sat and almost confirmed for Wed evening):

Days: Wednesday evenings & Saturday mornings
Times: Wed - 7:00-8:30pm & Sat - 10:30am-noon
Dates: September 3 - November 15
(no practice on Saturdays - Sept 27 & October 25)
Registration link coming soon! 

We hope that the first day of Fall session for Youth Practices will be Wednesday, September 3. The first Splashball practice will start on the Saturday after Labor Day weekend. 

Legacy is also hoping to have four Youth scrimmage dates at Aptos HS on Saturdays this Fall.  (Dates: TBA)

We are  looking forward to a GREAT fall session.  Stay-turned to your email for links for Fall sign-ups on-line.
Also check the Legacy website and Legacy Calendar.

And, always feel free to call or email with questions!  

LEGACY FALL 2014:   Splashball & Youth Water Polo 


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Emergency cards / Parents meeting

We made some progress with emergency cards on Friday and I had a few errors in my list. Hopefully those remaining in the list below got their physical on Saturday and will their packet signed off Saturday it they are doing it or Monday is not and bring it to practice on Monday.

Colin Kelly
A last reminder of the parents (boys are not to attend unlike some in the past) meeting this coming Thursday, 6:30 in the cafeteria. This meeting is mandatory (as much as we can make it) so hopefully at least one parent for each player can attend. The purpose is to introduce the coaches, give an overview of the program and it's philosophy, pass on details and ask for your help. During the season we need parents help driving, manning the scoring desk, keeping stats, helping at tournaments (we host three during the season) and other behind the scenes activities. Hope you can attend.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Spirit Packs / Emergency cards/Roster input

Thank you to all the parents and players who have submitted their information to the online team roster!  Initial orders were placed at the beginning of the week for team spirit packs consisting of team suits, t-shirts and sweatshirts based on the information entered on the online team roster.  Spirit packs will cost $40 per player and will be available shortly online at the CHS WebStore.
Additional spirit wear items for players/fans will also be available for purchase online.  An email will be sent out detailing the options soon.  Details about the additional spirit wear items will also be available at the Parents Meeting on Aug. 21st.
A second and final order for team suits, t-shirts and sweatshirts will be placed next week.  The last day to enter information online to guarantee your player will have a spirit pack in their correct size will be 5:00 pm Monday, August 18thPlayers submitting sizes after that date will have to adjust to whatever over-stock we have on hand.  We hope to have all spirit packs to the players by the first tournament, but those players whose sizes fall into the second batch of orders might not arrive in time for the first tourney.
Questions?  Email Tiffany @


A last reminder that emergency cards need to be submitted to Coach Rodger before practice on Friday to be able to practice on Friday and beyond. If you are planning on getting your physical on Saturday at CHS you will not be able to practice Friday and need to turn your packet in and get it signed off on Monday to be able to practice on Monday. 
If your haven't entered your roster input please do so ASAP. I will be scrubbing the list this weekend to include people who have started this week and will post any missing this weekend. The URL again is:

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Parent driver paperwwork

The team moms have found a link to online forms that must be filled out and submitted as posted before if you are able to volunteer to drive to tournaments.

This is the link to the volunteer driver packet:

Didn't make any progress on roster input last night. Burpees continue for those that have still not done it. See the post below for the current list.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Legacy exhibition game/Missing roster input/ Driving forms/Missing posting

It was good to see about 1/3 of the practicing team at the Cal vs. Davis exhibition game Saturday evening at Catalina. Also had Jackson Trapin and Wyatt Laughlin seniors who graduated last year. If you missed it you missed seeing some great water polo competition and picking up some thoughts of what you saw them do that you might learn to do also.
We still are missing roster input from the following list of players. Get it entered before practice Monday or be prepared for extra burpees. Again the URL is:

Patrick Kelly - have liability but need roster input
Makena Horne - Have roster input but not liability form and shouldn't be practicing
Logan Vanderbrouche - Have roster input but liability form is not the correct one. Have a correct form for you to fill out.
Aidan Westerman - Have liabiltiy form but need roster input
Attilio Turrini-Smith - Have liability form but need roster input

Also remember to be working on and submitting your athletic department packet mentioned before. They are due by this Friday at the latest. The packets are submitted to the athletic department or at Arena Day (not at the pool). If someone processes it while you are waiting you bring the resulting emergency card to Coach Rodger at the pool. No practice Friday or beyond if we haven't received your emergency card.

As was mentioned in an earlier post the district does not provide transportation to polo tournaments. We try to get a school van that can take 7 people but if a team has 20 or more players that means we need parents help in driving the boys. There is paperwork that must be filled out and submitted to qualify to do this. If you think you are available to do this Lori has provided the following.

Parents who want to transport players this season need to pick up a Transportation Packet. They are in a wall holder on the right hand side of the admin building hall just before the athletic department offices.  

The packet is called: Instructions for Volunteer Drivers of Private Vehicles
Parents who want to help transport players to/from away tournaments need to pick up the packet and turn back into the school office the following:

1.  Form CUSD #217 - Classroom Volunteer and Field Trip Chaperone or Driver Application
2.  Form CUSD #212A - Vehicle Safety Certification and #212B Auto Safety Record
3.  DMV Driving Record, Log onto and complete a request for a driving record ($2) and print and submit with above forms.
4.  Provide a copy of:
  • valid driver's license
  • current vehicle registration
  • valid vehicle insurance card
All of the above must be turned into the school at one time to become certified to drive.
Lemos 76 Station is a convenient place to get a vehicle inspection and will inspect cars and fill and sign the Auto Safety Record for $12.

Processing takes time so don't wait until the last minute. Thanks for your help.

For some reason my original post of the season isn't appearing on the blog but was emailed. Below are a few excepts from it that are still applicable:

The schedule for 2014 is on the blog as we currently know it. If there are changes they will be posted to the blog and you will be notified.

In addition you should be working on filling out the Athletic Department sports package. If you don't already have a physical they will be given again on Saturday 16 August at CHS. If you have your forms completed the athletic office will be open starting on 05 August to process the forms. They can also be turned in on Arena Day. Avoid the rush on the first days of school and get your forms in early. Starting Monday 18 August you will not be able to practice unless you have brought the team copy of the Emergency Form to practice. Again bring it to Coach Rodger.

As the schedule says,  there is a mandatory parents meeting on Thursday 21 August from 6:30 to 7:30 in the CHS Cafeteria. At this meeting we pass on critical information on what to expect from your son's participation in water polo. You will learn that water polo is a family activity because there is so much that needs to be done that we need parents support also but it gives you a chance to be actively involved in your son's activities. I expect there will be signup sheets also.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cal vs. Davis

t-shirt design   

Cal "Bears" versus UC Davis "Aggies"
August 9th, 6:00pm.
Save room for dinner at the game!  
Amazing dinner deal, $8.00 per plate - served on site:
Taco Plate with 3 tacos (your choice of meat), rice, beans, and condiments. 

Also, includes a drink.

Legacy snack bar will also be available with chips, desserts, coffee, soda, water, etc.

Your donations will allow us to hold similar events in the future!
  As a 501(c)3 your contributions are tax deductable. 



Legacy Water Polo is honored to host a top Division I Men's Water Polo Exhibition game for the second year in a row.
Gate Fee: $8/person $25/family  
Donations towards this event are welcome.  Legacy is committed to bringing high quality water polo to the Monterey Peninsula every year! Your donation will help us to continue this effort along with contributing towards the equipment that we use year-round in the youth program. 
As a 501(c)3 your contributions are tax deductible. 

Hi, just a reminder that you're receiving this email because you have expressed an interest in Legacy Water Polo. Don't forget to add to your address book so we'll be sure to land in your inbox!
Visit for the our session practice calendar. 
Legacy Water Polo Thanks You!
Thank you for your continued participation and positive feed back on how to make our program better.  You can always contact us at Legacy Polo or phone: 831-625-2120.


We made some progress today of getting some people off the "need paperwork" list and added a couple of new freshman. The list in the previous post reflects the current list. Please enter your roster info so we can get sizes and email addresses. Tiffany Buraglio will be at the pool at the end of practice tomorrow to let you check sample Spirit Pack clothing to make sure you have the right size. Starting next Monday it is 50 or more extra burpees for those that don't have their roster entries made.

Another reminder that we have been asked to have everyone but coaches park and drop off/pick up in the main parking lot. There is still construction going on and preparation for school to start.

Another reminder of the parent preseason information meeting 6:30-7:30 on Thursday 21 Aug. A complete overview of the polo program will be given, questions answered and signup lists filled out. The team has the early practice so the boys will be done by 5:30 so they can get home before you come.