Monday, October 29, 2007

Welcome to the Carmel High Boy's Water Polo Blog!!!!

Welcome to the Carmel High Boy's Water Polo Blog!!!
We continue to make every effort possible to improve our water polo program as a whole and attract more kids to the sport.

We hope this site is not only fun to use, but also that it would be a valuable tool to help others be involved in supporting our program.

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Coach Aaron Gaily


Coach Ed said...

Thanks to all the parents who made our first ever JV Boy's Water Polo tournament such a success! We could not do it without your support. Congrats to the JV team for defeating Aptos in the final game and completing the season with a second place finish in league play (6-1) and an overall record of 13-8.

Aaron said...

The JV tourney sounded like such a great success. Still blows my mind that we actually had a tournament on our campus. Way to go Ed, Rodger, and parents!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been "involved" with the water polo program at Carmel High for 2 years now, attending both of my grandsons' games and helping out behind the scenes with the fund-raising snack bar when I can. My children attended Carmel High, so I'm familiar with the sports programs over the years. The purpose of this blog is to give a testimonial for any parent who is even slightly considering this fabulous water polo program for their child, or any student who has an interest in this sport...please don't hesitate to try out for it. Last night was the 2014 end-of-the-season awards banquet and I can't express the emotion and pride that was in the room between coaches, players and parents. Water polo may not be the sport that gets the hype and glory that goes with football or baseball, but I can assure you, at Carmel High, any student that chooses to join the water polo program will find rewards and pride equal to or excelling any sport. The coaching staff is so genuinely committed to building not only award winning teams...which the teams are...but also instilling in the players all the qualities they need in life to make them the young men they need to be. The coaches focus on integrity, team cohesiveness, fairness, work ethic, strength training and good health for their bodies, mental strength, tenacity, and so much more. The coaches take these boys under their wings and truly devote their time and effort to them as though they were highly paid coaches in a private school and it was their sole purpose to train top-notch athletes, that's how I see it. The coaches give their players their all, and it shows in the teams' records. Those records are shining examples of a well-oiled machine from the dedicated coaching staff, the efforts of the fine athletes, the behind-the-scenes people that keep the wheels turning, and even the dozens of parents that involve themselves with this wonderful sport. So please, think seriously about this sport that is such a tremendous one that builds character, is a wonderful adventure with great team camaraderie, traveling with them on the team bus for tournaments, a chance to be coached by the finest coaches you will ever meet, and perhaps an opportunity for a scholarship if you truly excel. Off-season there is a local organization called Legacy that offers water polo so you can continue with teammates and sport year-round. My testimonial may sound like a coach is my son, be assured none is! I met all of them on the pool deck for the first time. I just truly love this program and am beyond thrilled that my grandsons have been fortunate enough to be a part of it. On a final note...water polo is one heck of an exciting game to will find yourself cheering out loud and rooting for Carmel!
Sincerely, Cathy Giammanco